We now offer various camp lengths!

1 Week        $1500 USD

2 Weeks      $2700 USD

3 Weeks      $3800 USD

4 Weeks      $5000 USD

Longer and shorter terms are available by request.  Please contact us if interested.

Please contact us by email and let us know when you can come, and how long you’d like to come.

WRESTLE-1 is proud to announce our International Wrestling Camp.

To share Japanese pro wrestling with the world and give foreign wrestlers a chance to make a career in Japan, we are running pro wrestling camps where people from around the world can live and train in WRESTLE-1’s dojo in Tokyo Japan for three weeks.  They will participate in dark matches on WRESTLE-1’s shows, and be considered for a paid position as a WRESTLE-1 wrestler.

WRESTLE-1 is also happy to announce our new beginners’ camps.  Anyone looking to start a career in professional wrestling, even with no experience, is welcome to learn the basics at our dojo in Japan, living, training, and eating with our wrestlers.  If you have potential, you may be offered a spot as a WRESTLE-1 ‘young boy’ trainee, and a future career in pro wrestling in Japan.  The price varies depending on length of camp.  Transportation/flight is not included.

Please have a look at:

Our Program


Our Facility


WRESTLE-1 Official YouTube Channel

Come Train Pro Wrestling in Japan!

Official Press Release (Japanese) (English Translation)

We can now accept wrestlers at almost any time. Contact us by email for details!

Email (camp@w-1.co.jp)